Facilities available in the ultrafast electronics laboratories.

Tsunami Ultrafast Laser systemuff1

60fs, 700mW tunable from 740-900nm.

This is the basic workhorse of most of our experimental work forming the pulses source of ultrafast sampling measurements and for pump-probe spectroscopy. The laser is powered by a 6W greeen CW laser beam from a millenia VIs frquency doubled yag laser which is itself powered by a sinlge fibre coupled laser diode.

In addition to the pulse source we use a variable length optical path known as a delay line to allow the control of arrival times betweeen pairs of pulses that are formed by passing the laser beam through a partially silvered mirror known as a beamsplitter. The dealy line is capable of controlling pulse delay times to a resolution of 1fs over a maximu time of 700ps. This degree of control is vital for the best performance of our instruments like the logic analyser.

Laser Micromill

The laser micromill is a home built tool for cutting microcircuits and structures on a sub micron


sclae using laser ablation. This is a process where a very small region of a material is raised rapidly to a temperature high enough that it begins to decompose into gases. The heating is achieved by focussing single green (532nm) laser pulses onto the structure using a microscope whilst moving the specimen using a conputer controlled x-y stage.


This tool has been used to define superconducting microbridges, patterns of microelectrodes in polymer films, and to form molds for micromolding using carbon and various polymers. We have even done micro-artwork with it.....