Wideband Cellular study

Wideband Radio Measurements in Bristol

Preview: The Temporal Nature of a Radio Channel...

Radio channel impulse responses taken along a street with traffic moving behind show the rapidly varying nature of the channel. The interval time between measurements here is 20ms. The graphs show excess power received in dBm as a function of time, measured in nanoseconds. The transmit power is +20dBm and the resolution of the measurement is 15ns. 



Preview: The Spatial Nature of a Radio Channel....

Radio channel measurements have been made in a well-documented urban environment, as represented below. By repeating the measurements over a number of days, the long-term repeatability of the dispersive channel may be determined. By way of an example, the figure below shows a small number of power delay profiles obtained over the path shown from the two transmitters. Again, the graphs show power in dBm received against excess delay in nanoseconds.



Many thanks to BT and the members of the VURI team for their efforts.