Testing and High Q Filters

Routine Testing of HTS samples

Variety of test solutions covering 35-300K and 5-40GHz

  • 5GHz Sapphire Dielectric Resonator for 50mm diameter samples
  • 24GHz Dielectric Resonator for 1cm2 samples
  • 40GHz Copper Cavity for 1cm and 2cm square samples


3-D Electromagnetic model of a 24GHz Sapphire Resonator[sapphire shown in green]




Result of an electromagnetic simulation showing surface current in the superconducting end plates 


High Q Resonators

A wide range of resonant structures for different applications have been fabricated and tested. These include 1 dimensional linear resonators (for oscillators and filters) 2-D resonators for high power applications (disk resonators) and 3-D structures (as above) for very low phase noise oscillators and use as a measurement tool. 




Results from a disk resonator fabricated on a 2cm square LaAlO3 substrate. The unloaded Q of this structure was over 20,000 at 60K. The device was cooled in a commercial cryocooler developed as part of a collaboration between Oxford University and The Hymatic Engineering Company. 




This 5GHz 3D resonator has an unloaded Q of over 800,000 at 50K. Primary use of this structure is as a measurement tool for the routine Rs measurements of 50mm diameter TBCCO thin films.