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(Fig1. Antenna Diversity) 

Optical Communications

Optical Communications research is directed towards developments of free space optical wireless systems and related hardware / software.


RF and Microwave Systems

The research activities in this area encompass both network and transceiver link level issues. A key factor in the design and performance of any wireless communication system is the transmission medium.


Ultrafast Electronics

Research in Ultrafast electronics centres on the development of measurement tools and systems for the characterisation of extremely fast electronic devices with bandwidths in excess of 100GHz.



Metamaterials research is directed towards applications of metamaterials for RF devices and systems. 



At Oxford, we are currently working on applications for these very wideband signals in communications and medical imaging. 


Communication and Network Theory

We are actively researching various fundamental aspects of communication and network theory, and continually strive toward applying new theory to practical applications.