Metamaterials Research in Oxford:

Since 2000 we've been actively pursuing research into metamaterials, their properties and applications. During this time we've published over 20 papers in the area, mostly focussed on the properties of magnetoindcutive waves and resonant cells for metamaterial fabrication. Recent research (as of 2012) has looked at data and power transfer using metamaterial structures are an engineered channel.
hexagonal metamaterial lens plate


Research projects on Metamaterials at Oxford.

1. Magneto-inductive wave propagation within Metamaterial structures

2. Magnetoinductive metamaterial contactless data transfer technology.

3. Wireless metamaterial power distribution

4. Metaboards and the contactless IC.


Emeritus Prof. L. Solymar     University of Oxford, UK

Dr. A. Radkovskaya   Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia