Dr. Xuewu (Daniel) Dai

Status: Postdoc at the communication group, Department of Engineering Science

Research: His current research is in the field of adaptive signal processing for wireless sensor actuator networks and wireless networked control systems, including

  • novel optic sensors for online non-contact water pollution load monitor
  • fast-fading MIMO channel tracking in high mobility environment
  • Wireless Data Acquisition in Gas Turbine Engine Testing (WIDAGATE)
  • Model-based condition monitoring of gas turbine engines and wind generators
  • Large-scale network simulation

Phone: +44(0)1865 283386 (Oxford office)

             +44(0)1793 865031 (WRc Lab)

Fax:      +44(0)1865 273906

Email: xuewu.dai@eng.ox.ac.uk

Personal webpage: http://users.ox.ac.uk/~engs1058/index.html