Facilities & Services


The group has eight well equipped laboratories. Facilities include:

  • An anechoic chamber for RF antenna measurement
  • An extensive range of RF test equipment including network analysers, signal sources, high speed oscilloscopes and custom electromagnetic field measurement equipment
  • An extensive range of Optical test equipment, including spectrum analysers, sources, high speed optical transmitters and receivers, and Bit Error Rate measurement

Services to Industry

Members of the Communications Group have undertaken a variety of short term consultancies for industrial organisations including: 

  • GPS-based Vehicle Location System Demonstrator
  • Analysis of HF Communications Links o Design of High Speed (10 Gb/s) Pattern Generators
  • Development of Spread Spectrum Transceiver Components
  • RF Surveys for Wireless Systems o Feasibility Study of mm-wave Tracking Wireless High Speed Digital Communications Link
  • Roadmaps for enabling technologies
  • Analysis of advanced signal processing techniques
  • Simulation of wireless communication systems
  • Antenna performance analysis
  • Near field power and data systems - analysis design and optimisation
  • Near field detector development
  • RF passive sensor development


(Fig.1 Anechoic chamber at Oxford communications research laboratory.)