Ross McAdam

Prof. R.A. McAdam

Associate Professor of Engineering Science, Non-Tutorial Fellow of Harris Manchester College

Contact  or other contact details can be found here.

I am part of the Civil Engineering research group within which I am in the Geotechnical Engineering group.


Research Interests

 My research interests have grown through a broad experience of both industrial and academic roles, predominantly in the development of new and improved devices for the extraction of marine renewable energy.

My current research is focused on three main areas:

    (a) The development of improved offshore foundation design, especially within the offshore wind industry. From the £3.5m joint industry Pile Soil Analysis (PISA) project this research has already delivered new design methods and field test data, which has significantly reduced uncertainty and the resulting conservatism in offshore monopile design.

While the PISA project provided a step change in the approach to predicting the monotonic response of monopile foundations, further research is ongoing to extend the approach to phenomena such as scour or cyclic loading, which aims to accurately predict the response stiffness, accumulated rotation and damping under the many millions of realistic loading cycles.

This research sees substantial industry collaboration, as well as activity through the supervision of students at Oxford University within the Renewable Energy marine Structures (REMS) Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) course.

    (b) The application of signal processing, model optimisation and novelty detection to monitored offshore structures in order to provide intelligent feedback on design method validation and development, operational assessment, surrogate modelling and life extension analysis. This research draws on the extensive experience in machine learning at the University of Oxford within the BiomedicalInformation and Mobile Robotics Engineering groups.

    (c) The optimisation of structural and fluid dynamic performance of marine renewable devices. This research combines my previous experience in the development of the Transverse Horizontal Axis Water Turbine (THAWT), resulting in the University spin-out Kepler Energy Ltd., with my industrial work on a range of advanced composite design applications at Gurit UK Ltd. This research aims to explore the trade-off between blade fluid dynamic performance and structural cost and feasibility.

 A list of my up to date publications can be found here, as well as on ResearchGate.


I am available for consultancy work in civil, geotechnical and offshore engineering through Oxford University Consulting. Previous work has included guidance on the implementation of the PISA methodology within design frameworks and the development of additional phenomena affecting the response of monopile foundations.