Past Members of the Group


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This list is at present highly incomplete and out-of-date, but is updated as and when we receive information. Past members of the group are encouraged to send up-to-date information to Alison May (group secretary), including an email or web address if possible.


  • Christelle Abadie [ex Research Student/Research Assistant] is a University Lecturer at Cambridge.
  • Alejandra Albuerne [ex Research Student] is a structural engineer at Arup
  • Thomas Andolfsson [ex Research Assistant] (no information)
  • Pam Appleton [ex secretary] is now retired
  • Charles Augarde [ex Research Student/Research Assistant/Departmental Lecturer] is a Professor in Civil Engineering, Department of Engineering, Durham University, e-mail: charles.augarde at (updated Jan 2020)
  • Graham Austin [ex Research Assistant] works for Austin Geotech Limited and live in Kingswinford, West Midlands, email: gxaustin at
  • Lucy Auton [ex Research Student] is a PDRA in the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford


  • Anela Bajric-Hodzic [ex Research Assistant] working for Orsted.
  • Konstantinos Bakis [ex Research Student] is a PDRA at Univerity of Cambridge (updated Jan 2020)
  • Gert Bartholomeeussen [ex Research Student] is working in Paris, France, e-mail: gbartholomeeusen at
  • Christos Basagiannis [ex Research Student] is working at UKAEA, Culham (updated Jan 2020)
  • The late Ken Been [ex Research Student, Rhodes Scholar] worked for Golder Associates in Houston, Texas. Ken died in June 2017 (updated Jan 2020).
  • Ross Bell [ex Research Student, Commonwealth Scholar] private consultant with his own business (updated Jan 2020)
  • Clarissa Belloni [ex Research Student] Assistant Professor of Practice in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Ohio State University (updated Jan 2020)
  • William Beuckelaers [ex Research Student] works for Jan De Nul, Belgium (updated Jan 2020)
  • Alan Bloodworth [ex 1851 Industrial Research Fellow] is a University Lecturer at Warwick University (updated Jan 2020)
  • Doug Boden [ex Research Student] (no information)
  • Paul Bonar [ex Research Assistant] is working for Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions (updated Jan 2020)
  • Paul Bonnet [ex Research Assistant] is working for Siemens, Spain.
  • Chia Boon [ex Research Student] is a contractor in Malaysia (updated Jan 2020)
  • Edmund Booth [ex Visiting Professor] has his own consulting company (updated November 2010)
  • Bob Bowden [ex Research Student] (no information)
  • Chris Brocklehurst [ex Research Student] (no information)
  • Peter Broughton [ex Visiting Professor] (no information)


  • Mark Cassidy [ex Research Student, Rhodes Scholar] is Dean of Engineering at Melbourne University (updated Jan 2020)
  • Kitae Chang [ex Research Student] has returned to Korea
  • Anjum Chaudhry [ex Research Student] (no information)
  • Yan Chen [ex Research Student] is now a Professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University, China
  • Lily Chow [ex Research Student] is working for a civil engineering company in Hong Kong
  • Dan Claff [ex Research Student] is working for Mott MacDonald in America
  • Denis Clement [ex Research Student] is working for Thomas Jundt in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Anthony Comer [ex Research Assistant] is a Lecturer at the University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Claudio Consul [ex Research Student] lives in Germany
  • Susannah Cooke [ex Research Student] is working in Swindon for EPSRC
  • Matthew Coop [ex Research Student/Assistant] is Professor at UCL in London (updated Jan 2020)
  • Oliver Cotter [ex Research Student] is working for KBR
  • Jason Crabtree [ex Research Student] (no information)
  • Peter Crompton [ex Teaching Assistant/Research Student] is now teaching at a school in London


  • Suresh Dash [ex Research Student/Research Assistant] Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar
  • Davide De Focatiis [ex Research Student] is a lecturer at the University of Nottingham
  • Giuseppe Del Gobbo [ex Research Student] is working at Arup, Canada (updated Jan 2020)
  • Jiewen Deng [ex Research Student] (no information)
  • Yuepeng Dong [ex Research Student] is currently an Assistant Professor in Geotechnics at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) (updated August 2019)
  • Scott Draper [ex Research Student] is a Associate Professor, University of Western Australia (updated Jan 2020)
  • Helen Dunne [ex Research Student] works for KeolisAmey Metrolink in Manchester (updated Jan 2020)
  • Mark Dyer [ex Research Student] is Dean of the School of Engineering, University of Waikato, New Zealand (updated Jan 2020)


  • Bob Earl [ex Technician] is now retired
  • James Eaton-Evans [ex Research Assistant] is a researcher at the National University of Ireland (updated Jan 2020)
  • Guy Edwards [ex Computing Support Officer] is now working at IT Services
  • Andreas Ehland [ex Research Student] is working for Goldbeck Components Bielefeld AG in Germany
  • Don Elder [ex Research Student, Rhodes Scholar] is working in New Zealand
  • Keith Evans [ex Research Student/Assistant] is working in management consultancy in London and Oxford


  • Sean Falati [ex D.Phil. Research Student] works for ASTRA Veicoli Industriali, Italy, e-mail: sfalati at (updated Jan 2020)
  • Jonathan Fannin [ex Research Student] is a Professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (updated Jan 2020)
  • Omar Fergui [ex Research Assistant] (no information)
  • Esteban Ferrer [ex Research Student] is a Lecturer at The Technical University of Madrid (updated Jan 2020)
  • Xingya Feng [ex Research Assistant] is a member of academic staff at the Southern Universtiy of Science and Technology, China
  • Conor Fleming [ex Research Student] is working for SNC-Lavalin, Canada (updated Jan 2020)
  • Tim Freeman [ex Research Student] is working in Eire


  • Chanshu Gao [ex Research Student] no information
  • Maria Garcia Espinosa [ex Research Student] no information
  • Joseph Gattas [ex Research Student/Assistant] is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Queensland (updated Jan 2020)
  • Ramon Gonzalez [ex Research Assistant] is working in Portugal
  • Matthew Grey [ex Research Student] private consultancy company in South Africa (updated Jan 2020)
  • Jian Guan [ex Research Assistant] (no information)
  • See Sew Gue [ex Research Student, Kuok Scholar] has his own geotechnical engineering consultancy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, e-mail: ssgue at


  • Tong Hao [ex Research Assistant] is a Professor at Tongji University, China
  • Michael Harbottle [ex Research Student] is currently a lecturer at Cardiff University
  • Jessica Hardin (nee Whittle) [ex Research Student] is working in America
  • Caroline Harding [ex Secretary] has now retired
  • Ed Hazell [ex Research Student] is working for IPO UK, Cardiff (updated Jan 2020)
  • Yiling He [ex Research Student] Geotechnical Engineer at Atkins, London (updated Jan 2020)
  • Claire Hillery [ex Research Assistant] is working in Ireland
  • Ross Hitchman [ex Research Assistant] is working in Vancouver, Canada
  • Rebecca Hoath [ex Research Student] is working in for Cobalt Light Systems Limited
  • Christopher Holt [ex Research Assistant] is a University Lecturer at the Birmingham University
  • Nicola Houliston (nee Andrews) [ex Secretary] is looking after her family
  • Peter Houlston [ex Research Student] works for Atkins
  • Jianxin Hu [ex Research Assistant] has returned to China
  • William Hunter [ex Research Student] is working in Munich, Germany



  • Richard Jacob [ex Teaching and Design Engineer] has now retired
  • Karen James [ex Computing Support Officer] (no information)
  • Richard Jewell [ex Research Fellow] is working in Brussels, e-mail: rjewell/0004847740 at
  • Trevon Joseph [ex REMS Student] is working for Atkins


  • Theodore Karavasilis [ex Departmental Lecturer] is an Associate Professor at the Univeristy of Patras, Greece (updated Jan 2020)
  • Richard Kelly [ex Research Assistant] is Conjoint Professor of Practice at University of Newcastle, Australia (updated Jan 2020)
  • Sang-Hwan Kim [ex Research Student]  is a Professor of Civil Engineering Dept. at the Hoseo University in Korea, E-mail: kimsh at
  • Sara Kingsbury [ex Secretary] is now Personal Assistant to Electrical & Control Group
  • Deqiong Kong [ex Research Student] Assistant Professor at Zhejiang University (updated Jan 2020)
  • Tatsuya Koumoto [ex Academic Visitor] works for Saga University in Japan, e-mail: koumotot at
  • Kaori Kuribayashi [ex Research Student] Associate Professor Hokkaido University, Japan (updated Jan 2020)
  • Jakub Kwiecinski [ex Research Student] is working in Germany


  • Carlos Lam [ex Research Student] works for the Hong Kong Government (updated Jan 2020)
  • Ignacio Lamata (ex Research Student/Assistant] (no information)
  • Kuantsai Lee [ex Research Student] is a partner in GeoLyteca, America (updated Jan 2020)
  • Myungho Lee [ex Research Student] has returned to Korea
  • Yang Li [ex Research Student] is a post-doc at Caltech, America (updated Jan 2020)
  • Andras Lengyel [ex Research Student] Associate Professor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (updated Jan 2020)
  • Dongqing Li [ex Research Assistant] is a Professor at Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Yongwei Li [ex Research Student] is an engineer in China
  • Suched Likitlersuang [Research Student] is a Professor at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (updated Jan 2020)
  • Gwyn Lintern [ex student/research assistant] is a Research Scientist with the government of Canada
  • Liu Gang [ex Research Student] is working for Ove Arup and Partners in Shanghai, China, e-mail: gang.liu at
  • Jerry Love [ex Research Student/Assistant] works for Geotechnical Consulting Group


  • Jiayao Ma [ex Research Student/Assistant] Associate Professor at Tianjin University, China (updated Jan 2020)
  • Giulia Macaro [ex Research Student] Geotechnical Engineer, Atkins (member of the SNC-Lavalin Group) working in Eynsham, Oxfordshire. LinkedIn profile
  • Thanasis Makrodimopoulos [ex Research Assistant] is a lecturer at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China
  • Robin Malloy [ex Research Student] (no information)
  • Jan Mangal [ex Research Student, EPSRC] (no information) (updated Jan 2020)
  • Mark Marshall [ex Research Student/Assistant] is working for Jacobs, Singapore (updated Jan 2020)
  • Ivo Martorano [ex Research Student] is an Associate Professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil (updated Jan 2020)
  • Robert May is working in Australia (updated 2020)
  • Russell Mayall [ex Research Student] is working for RWE Renewables
  • Simon McIntosh [ex Research Assistant] works at Culham Science Centre
  • George Milligan [ex University Lecturer: Soil Mechanics] is working for the Geotechnical Consulting Group
  • Chiara Modenese [ex Research Student] is a geotechnical engineer at Atkins Global (UK) email: c.modenese at
  • Mohd. Ridza bin Mohd. Haniffah [ex Research Student] is a senior Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia
  • Jonathan Morris [ex Research Student] Managing Director of Cementation Skanska (updated Jan 2020)
  • Subhash Muchala [ex Research Student] is the CTO at Dynamify, London (updated Jan 2020)
  • Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay [ex Research Assistant] is an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India (updated Jan 2020)


  • Shandry Nagaswaran now works in California
  • Simon Neild [ex Research Student] is a Professor at Bristol University (updated Jan 2020)
  • Cong Luan Ngo-Tran [ex Research Student, ICI Scholar] has his own property development company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (updated November 2010)
  • Giang Nguyen [ex Research Student] is an Associate Professor at Adelade University (updated Jan 2020)
  • Lam Nguyen-Sy [ex Research Student] is working at the University of Technology, Ho Ch Minh City, Vietnam (updated November 2010)
  • Sifiso Nhleko [ex Research Student] is an Honorary Resarch Associate at the University of Cape Town (updated Jan 2020)
  • Paul Norris [ex Research Student/Assistant] (no information)
  • Nigel Nutt [ex Research Student] is working for the Australian overseas aid agency, e-mail: nutt.nigel.nrf at
  • Zedi Nyirenda works for a consulting firm in the UK


  • Margaret O'Mahoney [ex Research Student] is at Trinity College, Dublin
  • Mobin Ojaghi [ex Research Student] works for KBR Ltd (updated Jan 2020)


  • Ennio Palmeira [ex Research Student] is a university lecturer in Brazilia
  • Miguel Pena [ex Research Student] is working in Chile (updated November 2010)
  • John Pickhaver [ex Research Student] is working for the Macquarie Group in Australia
  • Mark Porter [ex Research Student] has returned to Australia
  • Sasha Puzrin [ex Academic Visitor] is a Professor at ETH Zurich (updated November 2010)



  • Iona Richards [ex Research Student] (no information)
  • Ian Richardson [ex Research Assistant] is training to be a teacher
  • Kevin Ripley [ex Research Student/Assistant] (no information)
  • Eduardo Rojas [ex Academic Visitor] works at the University of Queretaro in Mexico, e-mail: erg at
  • Ronan Royston [ex Research Student] is a Civil Engineer at Ward and Burke Construction Ltd
  • Tim Rose [ex Research Student] is working for Rovjok (updated Jan 2020)
  • Brendan Ruck [ex Research Assistant] is working for Logica in London, e-mail: RuckB at
  • Marcus Rutherford [ex Research Assistant] (no information)


  • Richard Sandford [ex Research Student] is a Researcher at the GRC at Cardiff University (updated Jan 2020)
  • Paulo de Santa Maria [ex Research Student] works for Acergy in Rio de Janiero, Brazil (updated November 2010)
  • Bob Sawala [technician] has retired
  • Fernando Schnaid [ex Research Student] is a University Lecturer at UFRGS, Porto Allegre, Brazil
  • Justine Schluntz [ex Research Student] Lecturer at The University of Arizona, America (updated Jan 2020)
  • Jens Schupp [ex Research Student] is a Senior Geotechnical Engineer at Orsted (updated Jan 2020)
  • Sena Serhadlioglu (ex Research Student/Research Assistant) has returned to Turkey
  • Ather Sharif [ex Teaching Assistant] is working for a university in the Middle East (updated November 2010)
  • Radhey Sharma [ex Research Student/EPSRC Research Assistant] is a Professor at West Virginia University, USA (updated Jan 2020)
  • Jackie Sim (ex Research Student) is a Structural Engineer in Singapore (updated Jan 2020)
  • The late Scott Sloan [ex Junior Research Fellow at New College] was a Laureate Professor at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Scott died in April 2019.
  • Bogdan Slujitoru [ex Soros Scholar] has returned to Romania
  • Mike Smith [ex Research Student] is working for the Australian National Bank
  • The late James Swee was a Research Student in the group. He returned to work in Malaysia and we have heard that he died in 2010 (updated November 2010)


  • Laith Tapper [ex Research Student] is a senior engineer at NGI
  • Paul Taylor [ex Professor of Engineering Science] now Winthrop Professor of Offshore Engineering, University of Western Australia
  • Teh, Cee Ing [ex Research Student, Kuok Scholar] is an Associate Professor at Nangyang Technological University, Singapore and head of the geotechnical group there, e-mail: cciteh at
  • Steve Thomas [ex Research Student/Assistant] has his own geotechnical consultancy
  • Richard Thompson [ex Research Student] (no information)


  • Stefano Utili [ex Departmental Lecturer] is Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at Newcastle University (updated Jan 2020)



  • Alasdair Walker [ex Research Student] is an Adjunct Professor at UWA, Australia
  • Tuo Wang [ex Research Student] (no information)
  • Adam Wheeler [ex Research Assistant] was Provost & Deputy Vice-Chancellor at University of Southampton, now actively and creatively embracing retirement (updated Jan 2020)
  • Simon Wheeler [ex Research Student and University Lecturer] is Cormack Professor of Civil Engineering at Glasgow University
  • Scott Whyte [ex Research Student] is a Senior Geotechnical Consultant at Fugro
  • Geoffrey Wilde [ex research student/Assistant] (no information)
  • Elizabeth Williams [ex Research Student] is working for Atkins in London
  • Aidan Wimshurst [ex Research Student] is a Senior Engineer at Frazer-Nash Consultancy, Bristol (updated Jan 2020)
  • Claus Wisser [ex Research Student] (no information)
  • Neil Woodward [ex Research Assistant] is working for AWRE, Aldermaston
  • The late Professor Peter Wroth was Professor of Engineering Science at Oxford from 1979 to 1990
  • Weina Wu [ex Research Student] (no information)


  • Yang Xia [ex Research Student] (no information)


  • Mitsuhiro Yao [ex Research Student] works for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transporation and Tourism in Japan, e-mail: yao00753 at (updated Jan 2020)
  • Wing Nam (Coco) Yiu [ex Research Student] has returned to China
  • Hai-Sui Yu [ex Research Student] is a Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Leeds University (updated Jan 2020)
  • Fajin Yuan [ex Research Assistant] is a Data Web Development Engineer at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire (updated Jan 2020)


  • Boshu Zhang [ex Research Student] works for Goldman Sachs, London (updated Jan 2020)
  • Tao Zhao [ex Research Student] is a University Lecturer at Brunel University (updated Jan 2020)
  • Jian Qing Zhou [ex Research Student/Assistant] (no information)