ABC - Analysis of Bearing Capacity

This is the download page for my free bearing capacity software. The program runs on any Windows PC (though see note in italics below).


The program installation file, called, is located here.

Once you have downloaded the program installation file, double-click on it, then double-click on setup.exe from within WinZip (or whatever you are using) to start installing ABC. When the process is complete you should have a new directory containing three files (abc.exe, abc.dll and dforrt.dll) plus a log file from the installation. To run the program you can either double-click on abc.exe, or select the newly-created ABC entry from your Start Menu.

Note added 20/05/06: if you are using Windows XP with non-English regional settings, ABC may crash on start-up with the message "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch". Alternatively, the program may run, but with graphics drawn incorrectly. I will try to fix this problem in the next version of ABC, but in the meantime the workaround is to go into Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, and select English (United Kingdom) in the first box you see there. You should then be able to run ABC without any problems. It is not essential to use English (UK) - any other regional setting that uses . rather than , as the decimal separator should be OK. Many thanks to Vegard Woldsengen from Norway for reporting this bug.

A comprehensive user manual is now available in PDF format here.

I hope you enjoy using the program.