Xiaosheng Chen

Academic Background

Shaun graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China with BEng in Thermal Energy and Power Engineering in July 2012. Then he moved to the University of Sussex and obtained an MSc degree with distinction in Advanced Mechanical Engineering in Oct 2013. The same year he started a PhD programme in the investigation of unsteady heat transfer using a novel hybrid LES-RANS approach at the University of Sussex. Later in 2014, he moved to the Loughborough University to continue his PhD following his supervisor, Dr. Hao Xia. He graduated in 2018 and becomes a Research Assistant in the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) based at the Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering, Loughborough University. Simultaneously he is seconded to the Combustion Aerothermal Methods Team, the Combustion and Turbines Sub-system, Civil Aerospace, Rolls-Royce plc. In July 2019, he joined the Wind and Tidal Energy Research Group as a Research Assistant, working with Prof. Richard Willden and Dr. Christopher Vogel in analysing the wake structures of wind turbine array/farm and designing of experimental tidal turbines.

Research interests

Shaun’s research interests generally lie in exploring the detailed flow physics and their relations with heat transfer performance using computational fluid dynamics tools. His early research focused on utilising and developing CFD codes, especially LES and hybrid LES, for investigations on flow structures and the associated unsteady heat transfer in highly turbulent flows, such as compressible jets and combustor/turbine effusion/film cooling. He is also interested in exploring the aerodynamic and aerothermal performance of jet engine components, turbomachinery and other fluid related equipment, as well as designing those devices with the help of CFD tools.