Christopher Vogel

Senior Research Assistant

Academic backgroundChristopher Vogel

Christopher graduated from the University of Auckland with a first class BE(Hons) degree in Engineering Science as a Senior Scholar in 2010. He joined the Environmental Fluid Mechanics group at the University of Oxford in 2011, funded by the Oxford Martin School, and completed his DPhil in 2015, after which he was a post-doctoral researcher in the group. He was made a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford in 2017, and lectures on wind and marine energy. He joined New College as the W.W. Spooner Junior Research Fellow in 2019.

Research Interests

Christopher's research interests focus on fluid dynamics in renewable energy applications, principally wind and tidal stream energy. His work has included the development of analytic and numerical models to understand the interaction between power extraction and the natural hydrodynamics of tidal basins, blade element momentum theory based models for the prediction of turbine performance in volume-flux constrained flows, and CFD analysis and design of single turbines and multi-turbine farms for both wind and tidal turbines. More recently he has also been involved experimental campaigns on turbine fluid dynamics at FloWave and SSPA (Sweden). He is also interested in understanding the spatial and temporal variability of the wind energy resource and the role that this plays in incorporating renewable energy sources into the electricity network.


Christopher lectures the 4th year C8 modules on wind and marine energy, and also lectures part of wind energy module in the WAMESS CDT. He has taught a range of the first and second year engineering tutorials and labs. He has also been involved with the Headstart and UNIQ engineering outreach programmes.