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  • Prof. Sinan Acikgoz: Masonry structures, Structural health monitoring,Structural dynamics, Soil-structure interaction, Risk and vulnerability
  • Prof. Tom Adcock: Offshore and coastal hydrodynamics; tidal stream energy.
  • Prof. Tony Blakeborough: Structural engineering, especially structural dynamics and earthquake engineering.
  • Prof. Harvey Burd: Geotechnical engineering, numerical analysis of soils and structures.
  • Prof. Byron Byrne: Geotechnical engineering, offshore foundations and structures.
  • Prof. Manolis Chatzis: Structural engineering, Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. Special emphasis on the topics of: risk estimation and mitigation strategies for rocking structural and non-structural components (e.g. museum artifacts and hospital equipment); System Identification of structures (with applications to estimating the properties of the infrastructure, e.g. bridges).
  • Prof. Guy Houlsby: Geotechnical engineering, offshore foundations, in situ soil testing, numerical analysis of soils and structures. Renewable energy, especially offshore wind and tidal power.
  • Prof. Chris MacMinn: Flow and transport in porous media; water and energy resources; carbon sequestration
  • Prof. Chris Martin: Geotechnical engineering, numerical analysis of soils and structures, geotechnical model testing
  • Prof. Ross McAdam: Civil, geotechnical and offshore engineering
  • Dr. Taka Nishino: Fluid mechanics, turbulence, wind energy, tidal stream energy
  • Dr. Brian Sheil: Onshore infrastructure construction, geotechnical engineering.
  • Prof Gilliane Sills: Geotechnical engineering, especially soft soils, including seabed soils and those containing undissolved gas
  • Dr. Chris Vogel: wind and tidal power.
  • Prof. Richard Willden: Fluid mechanics, flow-induced vibrations and tidal turbine hydrodynamics.
  • Prof Martin Williams: Structural engineering, particularly structural dynamics and earthquake engineering. Areas of expertise include: large-scale dynamic testing of structural components; dynamic analysis of structures; monitoring and assessment of building floor vibrations; structural damage assessment; analysis and testing of concrete structures.