Dr Oleg Bushuev visits AIRG from SUSU

Dr Oleg Bushuev is a researcher at the South Urals State University, a National Research University in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Oleg visited the AIRG in December 2016, giving a presentation on the new research laboratory created at SUSU dedicated to self-validating instrumentation. An example of the techniques developed at SUSU is the use of an ultrasonic transmitter embedded within an industrial pressure sensor. Regular ultrasonic pulses are used to detect the natural resonances of the pressure sensor - up to ten frequency components may be detected simultaneously. Changes in the resonant frequencies may be indicative of damage to the sensor, and so may be used to validate its operation. The signal processing problem of detecting multiple frequencies in the rapidly decaying ultrasonic 'fingerprint' is challenging, and the SUSU team has modified Prony's method for the purpose. AIRG's Prism signal processing technique may provide a useful alternative approach, and this topic is one possible area of future research collaboration.